Facebook is considered to be one of the most effective social media marketing platforms with a huge variety of tools available to help everyone with effective marketing. The best part about this platform is that it constantly keeps updating which is also a little difficult to catch up with. This is the reason that so many rumours surround it which is why here we will debunk some Facebook marketing myths:

  • Facebook’s reach is not effective

This is one of the most famous and overly heard myths that you would come across and this will demotivate you from getting a grip on it even before you have started. Yes, to some extent it is true that it is going to be hard for the ads to show up in feeds but this is the case for such content which is overly advertised beyond its limit. The algorithm is always updating which is why it is natural for your ad not to show up. An expert can surely help you with the task.

  • Hashtags should do the work

Unfortunately, unlike twitter and instagram, facebook never got comfortable with hashtags and the idea never took the speed because people are not following hashtags on facebook for relevant search results. Whoever tells you that hashtags alone can do the work is probably in the dark because hashtags are never enough. So no, the myth is completely wrong.

  • The first ad should drive in almost all the customers

This is nothing more than just a myth because it seemed to be right only for a few people while others had to use the rule of 7 in marketing. The basic idea is that, customers need to be compelled with enough ads that it automatically drives them to the follow or like button before they could completely put their trust in some kind of product or service. This is usually a trickier task and it is best to hand over to an expert instead of getting your brain chomped off yourself.

  • Facebook groups are the best reach

Another misconception which most of the small businesses are seen working on is the fact that they join industry related groups and start posting ads there. The problem with this trick is that most of these groups are filled with people and businesses just like you and there is no potential customer.

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