When you are going to hire cleaning services for your office or for your home then you must know about the difference between these two. You can not hire commercial cleaning services for your house cleaning in Dubai because of a number of reasons. So first of all, you must need to understand the difference between these two. The companies which are working at large scale provide both types of services and sometimes there are also separate companies for providing these services. But which service you choose you must make sure that they are providing quality services and you must make sure about their charges. And never forget to do contract with them before availing their services.

Domestic cleaning service:

The domestic cleaning service is provided to homes and usually small companies or new start ups provide these type of services which have no large teams. You can avail the services of cleaning home, setting up your furniture and kitchen cleaning and sometimes cooking too.  And these companies are working on small level so it is not necessary that al companies have their own cleaning equipment. Their staff are home oriented and they know how to properly clean the home. And these companies provide home cleaning services on full time, part time and hourly basis. But homes are cleaned on daily basis then it is preferable if you will hire full time or part time cleaners. If these companies have their own equipment then these have small equipment which are to be used at homes such as vacuum cleaners, mop and brushes. If you don’t want to hire cleaner for all work of your home then you can also hire cleaners for specific chores only such as kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning etc.

Commercial cleaning services:

In commercial cleaning, cleaning services are being provided to industries, companies. Usually, these companies have larger teams as compared to domestic cleaning service companies. And they provide full time or part time services to companies. These companies provide their own equipment to their workers and they have large equipment which are to be used in companies for cleaning purpose. These companies also provide workers for different types of chores such as kitchen cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor washing , car cleaning in companies. It means that if you don’t want to avail all sorts of services then you can also go for selected services as well. You can however acquire the services of part time maids in Dubai for your home.

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