A carpet cleaning company in Dubai that also offers sofa cleaning services in Dubai  will need to focus on finding innovative ways to gain First Mover Advantage in the cleaning industry. Cleaning companies need to realize that gaining a customer’s trust is no easy task but there are ways to go about it.

Understanding the customer’s perspective: Not every customer is keen on leaving their homes/flats/villas/apartments to a group of cleaners while the customer is stuck at work. There are two reasons for this lack of trust on part of customers. The first is that the customer fears their personal belongings might be stolen. The second is that the customer is not able to keep tabs on the  performances of the cleaning staff while they are busy at work or running an errand. This is the case for those individuals who reside alone.

Thinking out of the box: To curb this matter, the cleaning company needs to take a more dynamic approach. The cleaning company can mobilize its cleaning process rather than sending its staff to different houses. Getting long vehicles can do wonders for the cleaning industry. These trucks would go to different houses/villas/apartments and flats, take out upholsteries as well as other items to be washed. At the end of the day the truck would offload the various items at their branches. The cleaning company would wash the items through overlarge sophisticated machines equipped with quality products. Over the next few days the owners should receive their upholsteries without any hassle.

No one gets replaced: Existing employees would fear they might lose their jobs when the cleaning company starts mobilizing its cleaning process. This should not be the case since such a step taken by the company should pave ways for existing employees to focus on newer tasks and create employment opportunities at the same time.

Fear of mix ups: It is normal that the customer would fear that their items could get mixed up while being placed in a truck full of various upholsteries. To tackle this, using Radio Frequency Identification(RFIDs) can come in handy when being attached to an item. Customers and the cleaning company could make use of an application that tracks location of the upholsteries. When it comes to receiving and placing upholsteries the customer would be notified through the application to make the whole process convenient.

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