A key component to a successful startup office space is the integration of human intelligence with artificial intelligence by making the best out of machine learning  and analytics making data gathered on employee behaviors easier in the process. 

To better explain it, placing sensors on the bottom of chairs present in a conference room would determine the usage of the chairs. By using workplace apps tenants and employees would be able to control their office space on a single platform directly through their electronic devices. It is imperative that office spaces have the capabilities to guarantee the provision of internet at all times in order to instill confidence for teams to meet their deadlines, attend and facilitate video calls respectively. While Artificial Intelligence has its own perks it is not necessary to completely rely on it to run office spaces smoothly rather avail the services of those behind the makings of such an initiative. There will always be a margin of error should office spaces be entirely automated. Features such as space optimization are good examples of how human and artificial intelligence can get along  since data would be generated at one point and on the other hand will be reviewed by a human to ensure there are no loop holes spotted.

For a co working space to reach new heights it would be wise to use co working software to encourage growth by rewarding spaces. Using such a software can elevate co working spaces to unlimited locations and members with literally no cost. Features of such a software would consist of easy user interfaces, conversion of full time members through online marketing, automation of  billings, real time reports of booking rooms and lastly managing locations of conferences or whatsoever in one dashboard. Marketing co working spaces play a crucial role in being branded as the go to place for potential members to join. 

Creating a niche co working space could attract members by targeting a specific segment of a society for instance entrepreneurs desperately figuring out how to make their ideas heard. By socializing and networking in a well set up co working space new entrepreneurs in the market can blend in with likeminded individuals working on similar projects. The next step it takes for the owner to make their spaces known to the wider public  is by making a website and promote the space on various platforms in the social media world through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and conducting Vlogs on YouTube.

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