Flowers should not just be given on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or on special occasions only but they can be given when you like someone, in order to show sympathy, lower the stress levels. This article has discussed the reasons as to why giving flowers is important which are as follows.

  • Flowers are a great way of lowering the stress. When a person is sick, they become cranky. But, if they have flowers around themselves, it will help them feel better. This way the patients would be optimistic. Also, taking flowers to a funeral are a way to give warmth and affection to the people mourning.

If anyone close to you is not feeling very good because of any reason then you can give them flowers to cheer them up. For instance, you might have a friend who is upset because she didn’t get admission in her favorite. In order to make her feel better, you can take flowers for here. Through the beautiful smell and appearance, the mood of a person will become better. Also, at your own house, you can keep flowers in your bedroom, living room or at the place where you study. This way the environment will become fresh, thereby lowering the stress.

  • Giving someone flowers is one way to show sympathy. For instance, someone you know from school died. When you go to the funeral, it would be difficult for you to talk to the parents. But, when you go to the funeral and hand them the flowers, they will automatically understand your sympathy and care.
  • It could very much be a possibility that you like someone but you are unable to express your feelings towards them. What better way other than giving flowers? So, if you like someone then you can give them flowers so they understand what you are unable to express through words.
  • If you have had an argument with someone and they are upset with you and they are not talking to you. How would you please them? Quite difficult, no? Not really because a simple way of doing so is by sending them flowers. When you will send them their favorite flowers, they will immediately become happy and will start talking to you eventually.

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