If you are vape user then at some point, you will require to get the e-liquid. This is just like another flavor of shisha but this is in a complete liquid form. If you have a vape and you think that the battery is the heart of the vape, atomizer is the brain of the vape but we all know that the liquid is the soul of the vape. Because if the liquid runs out, there is no use of the vape. This is also because, the batteries can revive when you put them under the sun, although they come back to life for a while but it is worth the time till you get the new one. The atomizer can be cleaned and it can start again in a gif but when the liquid ends, the whole concept of vaping ends right there and then.

There was a time when there were only limited flavors in cigarettes but with the invention of vapes, there are many flavors in them like; fruity, food, cocktails and the very classic tobacco. There are even people who are paid with thousands of dirhams because it is their job to discover new flavors and explore new ones by mixing them. There are many people who like the old classy flavor with a touch of the latest ones as well. There are people who have introduced weird flavors like; wafer, cake and even pizza but the most famous ones are; grape, watermelon and mango. The fruity flavors are the light ones which don’t cause dizziness but there are hard flavors which can even cause nausea like; beer, brandy and rum.

There are many kinds of liquids which have different strengths, for example, you have chosen the sex at the beach, it will have two categories. There will be the one which will less percentage of tobacco and there will be the one which will have higher percentage of tobacco in it, so here, you need to choose carefully.

There are another two types; PG (propylene glycol) is the flavor which gives less smoke but it has a great taste and then there is the VG (vegetable glycerol) it gives less flavory taste and more smoke, so you need to choose a preference as well. But you can buy any kind of vape at vaporesso in UAE and you can buy myle in Dubai.

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