An individual suffering from swallowing difficulties in Abu Dhabi may find it hard to eat and drink without pain.  This process of difficulty in swallowing is more commonly known as dysphagia. However, there are plenty of physical therapies in Abu Dhabi that are available to help treat such issues. 

Understanding the problem is crucial: An individual that is suffering from having discomfort while swallowing probably has an issue with their throat or esophagus. The esophagus is a muscle in the throat that consists of a tube, and does the job of moving foods and liquids from the mouth to the stomach. This issue is mostly common amongst older people or babies. 

There are a few main reasons that may cause swallowing difficulties: This depends on the type of food that an individual consumes. The muscles in the esophagus squeeze and contract which causes the transportation of foods and liquids from the mouth to the stomach. However, in some cases the food type may be too hard which doesn’t allow the esophagus to contract and squeeze normally. An individual that may have suffered from a stroke is likely to suffer from this issue. An individual with a weak immune system, or nervous system such as post-polio syndrome, is more likely to have an issue with their throat. The presence of ulcers, irritation, scares in the esophagus can also lead to discomfort and lack of movement of food and liquids in the throat. Small sacks may be present in an individual’s throat that may be causing a blockage. The presence of cancerous growth or other tumors may also lead to a blockage in the throat. 

Having trouble swallowing more regularly is worrying: If an individual has a tough time swallowing once or twice they have nothing to be worried about. However if an individual has swallowing issues on a more regular scale, it may be a serious matter. Dysphagia can be mild or serious in some cases. Individuals can look out for symptoms in order to prevent dysphagia and look out for an early detection as well. Individuals that may cough, choke and gag while trying to consume food and liquids may suffer from mild dysphagia. If an individual has food and liquids coming back up to their throat and mouth, they should get tested for dysphagia, as this is a very common symptom.

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