Older people are understandably prone to injuries of joints. Keeping in mind of their age, they deserve the best knee pain treatments as well as work on the osteoarthritis of hips in one single hospital.

Knee pains in details: Knee pains maybe the result of an injury in the form of a torn cartilage or a ruptured ligament. Medical conditions such as arthritis amongst older people can cause knee pain. An elderly person should visit the doctor when they cannot go about their daily routines such as extending or flexing the knees while walking. While sitting in one place the person gets up and feels a great deal of pain  in the knees. Generally the individual is not able to tolerate weight placed on their knee.

Diagnosing the injured knees: A good knee doctor is one who inspects the injured knee for any sort of swelling, pain, tenderness and visible bruising. The doctor would check the severity of the injury by asking the patient to move their lower legs in various directions. Pushing and pulling the joint gently in case of an elderly citizen is an effective method to check if the structure of the knee is normal or not. To make it easy for elderly individuals, the doctor will have them get their X-rays, CT scans and Ultrasounds done.

Treatments for elderly individuals: After conclusion of the tests, if the injuries turn out to be minor that is even great news for elderly citizens since surgery should be the last option. It is understandable with age, an individual puts on weight which takes a toll on their knees. To curb this, the individual should work with a physiotherapist and should also workout lightly in the gym. In this way the knees starts to gain strength and stability. To make physiotherapy easier and smoother, elderly people should be equipped with wedges or braces in order to support the knee joints. Injections on the injured knees through Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) can come in handy.  Surgery should be an option only when the pain persists in spite of physical therapies.

Osteoarthritis in brief: This is a type of a hip condition prone to wear and tear due to the individual aging. Osteoarthritis of the hip is caused due to the hip joints being inflamed. Treatment of such a condition can be tricky since it is challenging to pinpoint the exact location of pain within the hips.

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