Diabetes is one of the most common issue of people nowadays. It is a condition in which either insulin is not produced at all or it is produced in less quantity that is not sufficient enough for the body. Due to this the diabetic patient have to face a lot of difficulties in performing daily life activities. The people who are obese or have a family history of diabetes are at higher risk of having such disease. Secondly the person whose sugar intake is higher than normal again have higher chances of becoming diabetic. There are a number of best diabetes doctor in Dubai who can easily diagnose the disease earlier and can guide the patient to live the life normally while maintaining their condition. In case if a person is diagnosed with such condition then he should maintain his lifestyle by taking healthy diet and doing exercise daily. Medications or insulin are also very important so it is necessary to visit a good endocrinologist in Dubai so that the proper treatment could be started as soon as possible.

Type 1 diabetes:

This is a very rare form of diabetes as compared to the second one. In this condition the insulin is not produced at all as the beta cells of pancreas are destroyed due to some autoimmune disorder as healthy beta cells are responsible for the normal production of insulin. This condition is diagnosed in early age of a patient and it can not be treated by taking oral medications as insulin is completely absent. So the patient have to take insulin subcutaneously for lifetime.

Type 2 diabetes:

This is a very common type of diabetes and most of the patients diagnosed with such disease are having this type. In this condition the insulin produced by beta cells of pancreas is not enough to fulfil the demands of the body and ultimately it causes high levels of blood glucose as the body cells are unable to absorb it due to deficiency of insulin. This condition is usually diagnosed in later life unlike type 1 and this can be treated by taking oral medications as the insulin is not completely absent. But in long run these medications will also stop working as the cells of pancreas are continuously destroying so ultimately taking insulin subcutaneously is the last available option for a diabetic patient.

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