We all know that oral health is necessary keep body and mouth healthy. if you don’t do proper care of your mouth then there are several diseases that can occur. Some of these diseases, as mentioned by a clinic of Hollywood smile in Dubai, have been given in this article. 

Tooth decay:

If you don’t do the proper care of your teeth such as irregular in brushing then cavities can form in your teeth which will lead to the tooth decay. Selection of appropriate food for your teeth is another important factor. If you will not do proper brushing or will eat any sort of food then plaque will accumulate on the teeth and bacteria will also produce in the mouth. So to prevent from this type of condition you must use medicated tooth paste and antibacterial mouthwash. 

Gum diseases:

If you will not do proper take care of your teeth then it will also result in several gum diseases such as gingivitis. In this disease, the bone of teeth also starts decaying and this disease is closely associated with diabetes and weak immune system. So it may lead to complex disorders such as removal of teeth bone.

Oral cancer:

Oral cancer has become even more common now and still their number is increasing. The major cause of this disease is smoking, use of tobacco. To prevent from this type of condition, you must reduce smoking and you will have to go to dentists for regular check up. 

Bad breath:

Bad breath is caused by the production of bacteria in mouth and different gases are produced in mouth which cause bad breath and foul smelling. 

Dry mouth:

Sometimes, your mouth becomes dry and there will less production of saliva in mouth. This may also occur due to number of medicines and due to some diseases. 

Tongue and lip problems:

Sometimes, stress and tissue injury may also cause tongue and lip problems. Due to extreme cold, your cold sores of lips can also be formed so you will have to use Vaseline on your lips. 

Throat cancer:

Throat cancer can also be occurred if you will not do the proper care of your mouth. if there is any pain or something unusual then you will have to go for proper check up and if there is any serious problem then it can be treated at earlier stages. So regular checkups are necessary, as some problems can also require a root canal in Dubai.

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