Dominica is considered as one of the best country to live in because it is peaceful country and its laws are perfectly made for its citizens. It has started new program by which the persons belonging from any country can apply for its citizenship and so they can get its citizenship status without living there. So it has started programs of Dominica citizenship by investment Dubai. You will just need investment and then you will be able to get its full resident status. If you are interested for Canada then you will have to hire consultant because its procedure is lengthy. So you can easily find Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. But there is some criteria to apply for citizenship of Dominica so if you are planning to apply there then you must read this article.

Clean background:

The government of Dominica accepts only those individuals who have clean background and there is no previous criminal record of these individuals. When someone applies for its visa then the government of Dominica will get complete information about that person from his home country. So if they don’t find any problem in his records then they offer visa and citizenship.

Health condition:

The person must be in healthy condition who is going to apply for its citizenship. For this, the person will have to submit his medial record with complete body tests and if the person is suffering from any serious illness then the visa is rejected and he is advised to get his complete treatment. If the person is suffering from hepatitis, infection or any other disease which endemic or pandemic then the visa is rejected.


Age matters a lot when you are applying for visa. So the person must be of more than 18 years old when he is applying for visa. And the person can also apply for his family visa as well. And the amount of investment will remain same when applying for family visa.

Financial investment:

Investment is the most important thing when applying for this visa. You will become eligible for the citizenship of Dominica when you will invest in the real estate of government. But you will never lose your money by investing in this because the value of land increases by time and you will get a lot of profit after few years. And you will have to do investment before applying for its citizenship. But you will have to keep your land for at least 3 years to get citizenship status.

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