The summer season is mostly associated with cleaning because there is a lot of dust in this season. So the workload in summers is increased when you have to do a lot of cleaning because there is more heat, humidity, rain and sometimes storms too. So here we have added few summer cleaning tips which you should follow to clean your home in summers.

Do detailed cleaning of your home:

You should do detailed cleaning of your home in summers. Because there is a lot of dust in summers so weekly or monthly cleaning is necessary. You should wash curtains, you should do vacuum and you should also clean your sofas. You should properly clean your kitchen and in summers you will have to clean the cabinets of your kitchen too. You can do this type of cleaning on weekly or monthly basis.

Do dusting after few hours:

As there is a lot of dust in summers so you should do dusting of your home again and again. If you want to protect from dust then you should close window from where dust is entering in your home.  You should also do cleaning and mopping on floor to remove dust.

Remove water rings:

The use of water is increased in summers so water rings easily form on the table so you should remove the water rings from your table. You can also use table mat to protect your tables from water rings.

Do vacuuming:

Dust particles entangle in your furniture and carpets. So you should do vacuuming after a week or two to deeply clean your carpets. And if possible you should also wash your carpets and curtains.

Clean your sofa:

Sofa is a thing in your home which is most often used. So you should deeply clean your sofa and if possible you should also do vacuuming on it.

Clean your fridge:

The use of fridge is increased to a great extent in summers. So you should regularly clean your fridge and if there is ice in freezer then you should remove ice from freezer.

Clean your microwave:

You should clean your microwave regularly. You heat food in microwave and then smell is produced in microwave. So you should properly clean your microwave.

Use lemon to clean sink:

In summers the use of utensils is also increased. So to clean it properly you can also use lemon so that it may shine.

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