Lighting is one of the key elements in any home. If you get dim lights it will give a very heavy and dark impression and if you light up your house with many lights, it will look live and it will look like a fairy land. But some people are okay with dark lights, it all depends on the person who is living in the home. But at the same time, proper lighting in the house, office or anywhere will enable you to work properly and see properly. Or else, you will end up banging yourself into furniture and that can be harmful to you.

There are two things when you select lights; either they are simple or either they are fancy or decorative. Simple lights will be bulbs and they are of different colors as well. You must be thinking t go with the simple ones because the fancy and the decorative one sound very expensive. But the fact is that if you buy a light bulb for 10 AED and you look around the market for the cheap light stands, they will cost just another 10 AED or 15 AED maximum. And it is not necessary that you buy the fancy light stand right that very moment, you can buy it when you have spare money. 

You can use different sizes of lights. There are small chandeliers as well, you just have to do a little extra effort to set them. After setting them up, you just need to put a light in the chandelier and the room will come to life. A single light bulb will never be enough to light up the whole room, but since chandeliers has crystals and they spread and reflect light, it not only lights up the room, but also give different colors. If you have a staircase in your home, it is always necessary to have small lights on your staircase. Because in UAE, almost every villa has stairs and there are many emergencies reported in the hospital where people of all ages have fallen from the staircase because they didn’t see a stair on way up or down. No every villa has lights on staircase otherwise it is forced to shut down. You can also buy different decorative lights in Dubai and they can also suggest some good kitchen designs in Dubai as well.

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