Accounting is considered as one of the highest paying profession in all over the world. In companies, they not only play the role of accountant but they also get promoted by time to time and after few years they become able to secure good position in company. You can easily find cheapest ACCA course in Malaysia if you don’t want to spend high amount of money in your study. You can also study ACCA online if you want to save your time. But before getting admission, you must be clear about the career pathways of your relevant degree. So in this article, we have provided career opportunities for accountants. So you must read this article if you are interested to get admission in ACCA.

Finance vice president:

The vice president finance builds link between highest executive and upper management. They coordinate with the financial planning and budgeting for company. So they prepare all sorts of financial reports, they do financial analysis. If there are important decisions to take related to finance then it will be responsibility of finance VP. But if one wants to be VP then he must get experience of several years and he must have Masters degree.

Chief financial officer:

It is considered as one of the highest rank position in company as the person must have experience of several years and he must have expertise in his domain. They do long term budgeting for company and they ensure compliance of financial reporting. They develop systems for the financial wellbeing of company. They are directly associated with the board of directors. Master or doctorate degree is necessary to achieve this position in company.

International tax manager:

When companies expand their business to international level and they start trading so they will need persons who will also do work related to international taxation. There is difference between national and international laws of taxation and all sorts of finance experts are not able to do this, so for this purpose international tax managers are being hired. They analyze and determine alterations in exchange rates, they review tax laws as these laws change time to time. They are specialized in international finance or international business.

Cost accountant manager:

There is endless specialization in the field of accounting. So cost accounting is new and important domain of a company. They analyze and interpret cost and they also do audits.

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