It is our ever day struggle to choose the right perfume or spray and the reason why this is so hard is because we are not aware of the difference of these two products and what kind of role they play in our daily life. Which is why here today we will be talking about perfume oil manufacturers in Dubai and what is the difference between their making and body sprays.

  • Is there a difference between the scents?

When you choose the different versions of the same scent you are often rattled about why they both have the same ingredients but different smell different. The reason is that perfume oils have oil in it which makes the ingredients soft and settle in unlike body spray wholesalers in Dubai who add alcohol for the spritz effect which can make certain ingredients pop out making it stronger than expected. But at the end of the day it depends on your chemical composition and how your skin reacts with fragrances.

  • They reveal scents in different ways

This is something which you must not be aware of. When you spray a mist you see that it does not immediately reach your senses in fact it takes time for the scent to settle down and then reveal its notes. Whereas if you compare that to oil you would see that these notes are immediately sensed because the oil separates the different notes revealing them one by one making the base note last the longest.

  • People perceive it differently

When you use a perfume oil you see that it is applied to your skin and has a subdued effect which makes it revealing to the only people who are close to you. But when you use a spray it is much more sensed by those around you. If you want a no perfume-perfume effect, then go for oil perfumes because they can give you intimate feels whereas if you would like to smell pleasant at all times then definitely go for perfume sprays.

There are so many different options available but when you think of buying one it is surely going to confuse you really bad. So, make up your mind and think about the future possibilities as to when, where and how you will be using these fragrances and then make a choice.

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