The basic idea of conference is to gather a group of people at a single place to discuss about a specific topic. Conference is often confused with other such terms but it can be used to present a general idea of having a group discussion where people present their ideas and new information is exchanged amongst experts to be debated later on.

Here we have a general terminology for each participant in the conference whose job would differ from the other. These terminologies may not be the same as some other corporate event organisers Dubai would use, but the key role will be. Check out the list:

  • Registrant. Registrant is a person who sends their brief information to conference organisers in Dubai to be a part of the event by paying a registration amount or just signing up.
  • Attendee. A person who attends the conference or the meeting or function when the event is taking place.
  • Participant. This is the person who actively participates in the meeting or conference by taking a part and playing their role. Participant is often confused with attendees, an attendee is not always a participant but a participant is definitely an attendee.
  • Speaker. They are the designated presenters of the event. In case of conference speaker is usually a scholar or an academician with well enough knowledge about the topic to carry out the panel or discussion. They can also be the project moderator.
  • Lecturer. This is the person who deeply explains their topic and carries out a fruitful discussion about it. They may pioneer the building blocks of a topic and then move to other participants.
  • Keynote speaker. This is the most prominent figure of the conference who shares their credentials and achievements in the specified field and how they can be helpful to other individuals as well.
  • Concluder. This is the person who will give a brief overview of the conference about what they discussed, learnt and what action should be taken on now.

Conferences are very necessary for any scholar as they are the best medium to learning latest research and exchanging ideas. We agree that conferences can sometimes become overwhelming with a huge crowd of people but there are so many brighter things to look forward to.

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